U.S. source: Kim Jong Un in 'grave danger' after surgery


Kim Jong Un, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is now in “grave danger” after surgery, CNN reported citing a U.S. official with direct knowledge. Speculation was raised regarding Kim’s well-being after his absence from the birthday of his late grandfather Kim Il Sung, founder of the country, on April 15.

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49 Replies to “U.S. source: Kim Jong Un in 'grave danger' after surgery”

  1. AloBert0 says:

    Imagine all the nobel peace prizes the doctor who failed kim's surgery will get

  2. Yacine Sodage says:

    تيلهلال لالي لالي يالالال

  3. Sam says:

    Kim Jong Un is smoking extremely interesting and extremely intense weed right now watching the public reaction regarding him in his secret hospital home with probably pounds of weed next to his bed side laughing his fat ass off due to being incredibly high af right now

  4. Chief Louie says:

    I am surprised CGTN, CCPs state media, don't know Kim's situation.

  5. Teh Chuan says:

    He's stupid to take Trump advice by injecting himself with deinfectant 😂

  6. Meneer Van dijk says:

    A chain smoking fat guy is in critical condition ? Western lies !

  7. Kaga Kai says:

    North Korea is like China's annoying little brother that consistently manages to annoy the entire international community.

  8. musterseeds says:

    well lacking exercise, smoking, and ramming noodle will kill ya.

  9. Joe Kerr says:

    Next !

  10. pro joon says:

    No China!! Get out from Korea!!

  11. Mr Hacker says:

    What surgery?fat reduction?

  12. John O'Neill says:

    I heard his gender reassignment surgery went wrong!

  13. John O'Neill says:

    I heard his gender reassignment surgery went wrong!

  14. wnnalis cioov says:

    Psalm 107:17 "Some were fools through their sinful ways, and because of their iniquities suffered affliction;"

  15. Bibibatulan Ansari says:


  16. Maurice Schimetschek says:


  17. Fuck those bastards says:

    Few days later
    "U.S. source: Kim Jong Un in grave"

    In related news: Obesity rate in North Korea has dropped to 0%

  18. tikamsa raj says:

    Koi Hindi wala nhi hai kiya

  19. Bruce Boyden says:

    Winnie the Flu might need the same doctor.

  20. gyesung lee says:

    Take chines to the u.s court for the pandemic !!

  21. Jk Hao says:

    WOW CGTN reporting this.

  22. Cecilie Ren says:

    He probably sentenced the surgeon to death.

  23. Gerald Murphy says:

    It's a shame, to hear this. My prayers are hoping he recovers soon. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. steph Blafr says:

    I just hope his well enough to realize he's dying. I also hope he will die very slow and in absolute agony!! First good news in 2020…

  25. Gami Polizin says:

    When the north korean media says 'in great danger' you best believe he died last week. Yep he's a goner

  26. ya boy says:

    Wtf is this anchors suit lmfao

  27. Kerwin Hope says:

    We are lucky enough this year to be alive.

  28. Jimmyredcab says:

    Tens of thousands of actors are being recruited to cry at the funeral.

  29. Kiran Kumari says:

    Reality of kim jong death

  30. mixio hili says:

    know ,… heard he smokes like a chimney too

  31. Cody Banks says:

    His haircut is killing him

  32. Brendan N says:

    lol @ the people saying this guy is a devil. Maybe he IS, but you only have U.S sources to verify it. So quite likely it is bullshit.

  33. KKKRAUB TV says:

    Get Well Soon Kim Joun Un💪💪💪 stay strong

  34. John Cho says:

    US Should Take Over North Korea. Before China comes

  35. World Democracy says:



    Kim Jong Un just farted

  36. Geralt Butthole says:

    Kim Jong Un-healthy

  37. Shock Pinball says:

    Is dead Brain

  38. Russell Edwards says:

    Jim Jong un turns in to Jim Jong I'll

  39. Paul Li says:

    南韩说三胖没事 朝鲜方面新闻还南韩靠谱

  40. Willy Wonky says:

    Communism made Kim Fat and unhealthy…..
    Now his chances of survival are slim…. he needs a Communism diet…..

  41. Nedews says:


  42. gayathri anbalagan says:

    Advance wishes..Rest in peace .un…💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  43. Haim Ben Avraham says:

    And God said, "let there be light".

  44. Hans Weissman says:

    Just wondering when Trump gonna announce he has contact with aliens….

  45. Archnid 001 says:

    his son is is his successor.

  46. Anne* 411 says:

    You guys are reporting stories based on CNN info? 🤣😂😆 you believe them to be credible?? 🤣😂

  47. Nz Nz says:

    It will be the CCP virus

  48. Yunhan W says:

    So next King is Kim's sister right?

  49. jj says:

    The first work out of south Korean journalists is "Speculation" more fake news from CNN

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