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Jose Mourinho and Tottenham bow out of the Champions League with a whimper vs. RB Leipzig as ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Alejandro Moreno and Mark Ogden assess the damage the club has inflicted on itself after last season showed so much promise under Mauricio Pochettino.

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46 Replies to “Tottenham vs. RB Leipzig reaction: Where do Mourinho and Spurs go from here? | UEFA Champions League”

  1. two failed players criticising the greatest ever manager. only if you put in as much enerrgy into your careers, you probably wouldn't be working for ESPN

  2. As a Spurs fan I think we should just get relegated, pick up a few players in the Championship along the way and work our way up again like Wolverhampton. Losing like this is just plain embarrassing. We are horrific.

  3. As a Spurs fan I think we should just get relegated, pick up a few good players in the Championship and work our way up again like Wolverhampton. Defeats like this are just embarrassing. We are horrific.

  4. Spurs was literally in the UCL finals last year and they didnt lose any main players, how can a year go so wrong for a club ??

  5. I've said this as soon as Mourinho signed for Spurs: this is not a good move and now it's playing out exactly as i thought it would. Why is anyone surprised by this? Ale summed it up perfectly, look at the recent history at United then this should've been seen coming. as Ale said, Spurs fans, i told you so XD

  6. Don’t see why the spurs players dropped after the game , they had no heart or passion , must have been embarrassment, on the plus side they have a lovely stadium

  7. Shaka and the other guy (bald guy) talking spurs fans down they do realise we didn’t make the decisions right just supporting our team and staff whoever they are. Yes we know the team is playing awful!

  8. Half of this pundit, average at best as a player, no manager would perform a miracle with that team, so let’s stop all this Mourinho is a magician

  9. Klopp lost 2 nil lead n got himself out of CL. Some idiot would say Jose belong to stone age if it happened to spurs. Guys drop hatred football is fun and the unpredictable nature is why we stay awake n anxious watching the games. Show some respect to spurs n JM. COY spurs better days lie ahead. We would emerge tougher and better. Trust me.

  10. Really? Everybody is getting blamed except Mourinho? People can say that Mourinho’s tactics are old but there is no one to blame than the players people don’t understand that a manager can give tactics and players can fail to follow them.

  11. Can't we just admit that RB Lepizing are great team. Amazing football, they would make any team struggle. Any!

  12. Why is this man in the middle hurt mourinho too much is bad is not good of him what ever you do comes back to you maybe not you as a person but someone will come and hurt your son the same thing

  13. Mourinho is so overrated. I have stopped watching all his teams play very quickly every time he has been hired somewhere. Inter used to be the most exciting team in Italy until he arrived there and wrecked them. Chelsea was always entertaining. And then Mourinho got there. Same with Man U. Fine, he's won games. But whether these people realize it or not they are in the entertainment business, not the winning business. The two can and often do coincide, but when you're consistently putting a borderline unwatchable product on the field then only your most diehard fans will keep watching. Playing for 1-0 is just a bad plan, period. Especially when you go down early, at which point Mourinho's teams almost always lose. Every time his team loses the world seems a little brighter for me.

  14. "Mourinhos is a great signing, cause he is a winner!"
    Football pundits around the globe.

    Man U fans at the same time;

  15. Levy is the problem.. Poch needed to inject some players to strengthen the squad & create competition in the team but was never supported… Jose came in to inherit a team in decline, low in spirit, lost a manager that is more like a father to the squad, plaque with injury crisis & no time to infuse his philosophy..
    But I blame Jose only for not giving Parrot support.. let’s give him a good chance, boost his confidence and see what he got..
    This team will bounce back next season “if” these errors are corrected..

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