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The lunch everyone has been waiting for! I hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend and also take care of yourself. Please enjoy the video!

**(Thai, Korean, English Subs)**

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27 Replies to “Thai Food With Lisa (BLACKPINK), Elkie (CLC), & Minnie ((G)-IDLE)”

  1. is Lisa using an iphone??? Samsung be like:ummm that wasn't in our contract. Butttttt SORN, MINNIE, ELKIE BE LIKE FLAWLESS QUEENS EATING, Y'ALL SHOULD DO A MUKBANG TOGETHER. ALSO thai fooooddd lookssss soooo delicioussssssss!!

  2. Seriously i want to see Lisa's face so badly, this exactly what happened when rose hungout with Hyeri 😭I wish YG would allow them to show their face on their friends' channel

  3. ออกกล้องไม่ไดเพราะเป็นกฎของค่ายใช่มั้ย

  4. ทำไมเลื่อนแล้วไม่เจอคอมเม้นต์คนไทยเลยยฮรึกๆๆ

  5. how are these people just casually sitting in a crowded regular restaurant like that ? I'm not even referring to quarantine but the fact that I would faint if this squad was sitting in the same restaurant as I am ?

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