Park Seo-jun is confused about his feelings for Kim Da-mi | Itaewon Class Ep 14 [ENG SUB]


What is this weird feeling that Park Seo-jun is feeling? Kim Da-mi knows, and WE know, but why doesn’t he know? Why are drama heroes so often the last to know?

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  1. she makes me remember a young version of me. 5 years ago, i loved a guy for 5 years, one-sided love with hope one day he will look back, and see that i was always there for him. the thing did not work out as a drama, he married another girl, have 2 children and a happy marriage

  2. Me sorprende mucho la actuación de estos dos chicos 😱 mis felicitaciones lo estan haciendo genial para ser uno de los primeros dramas de Dami esta todo perfecto…como siempre podemos ver el gran trabajo de SeoJoon gran trabajo Kim Dami 💖 y Park SeoJoon

  3. When she said go ahead and meet her im gonna do this alone anyway my heart broke for her that I wanna slap saeroyi for making her say that way 😭😭😭😭

  4. Swoon go post all clips of episode 14 im gonna watch those again while waiting for the next episode 😭😭😭😭

  5. Mostly in the drama, at least one lead is there who is the last one to know their feelings. Like almost all the people around them figure this out but still they are like so clueless.

  6. Fours ago when yi seo had confessed to him, he had told her not to like him but he didn't say he didn't like her.. N I feel he had fallen for her four years before only.

  7. i hate this drama, why did they have to leave the audience with such a dramatic and sad ending plus this week is the final week, what should i expect huhhhh??? dear director and writer pleaseee dont play with our hearts and bring them together we wanna see some romanceeeeeeee

  8. Ever since that night when she confessed for the first time only to get flat out rejected, I realized that since then Yi Seo lost her natural confidence towards Saeroyi and never got it back. That's so sad, because this means that what she said to Hyun Yi in the hospital is true—she's always earning her existence in his life. Before Saeroyi knew that she loved him, that was never the case. She entered his pub as a confident, self-made woman who knows that she can be a great manager with just minimal effort.

    She knows that he needs her, not the other way around.

    For the first months, she thought that the job was not as important as her well-being, and it's obvious because she tends to go on walks or a vacation when she feels stressed about her work. She was once only interested on knowing Saeroyi, and later on figured out that knowing the work on the pub is equivalent to knowing him, which then made her start exerting more effort on the pub as much as she's curious about him. It was fruitful, since she eventually knew his life story that she's so interested on because she worked at her best. With that knowledge, she slowly realized that her attraction towards him is starting to lose its brakes, especially when it moved her so much to the point that it made her cry in his thighs as she held on to his scarred arms.

    Since then, she knew that she will be anything and anyone that this man needs, not the other way around.

    Maybe this is the reason why Saeroyi rejecting her really packed a punch, you know? Because even if she didn't exactly ask for anything in return, it wouldn't change the fact that Jo Yi Seo worked hard for his dreams as much as he did for himself. She didn't even do it because she wanted him to like her back—in the end, what she just wanted is for him to change his perspective about her. She just wanted to be seen as someone who can be more than just a manager, a sister, a partner, and a friend.

    Yet even after all of that hard work, a single rejection from him made her feel so disposable and temporary in his life, as if she's so easy to let go of if she's anything but competent. That's why for the next four years, she never stopped working. That's why four years after, we could see her burning out.

    She could only go for so long. When an overqualified person constantly makes herself overqualified, it only takes awhile before she crumbles. If by then Saeroyi still chooses to not catch her, who will save her from the fall?

    Thank God he did, though it was long overdue.

  9. The most endearing and badass female character in all of K drama! Love Yi Seo too much (and my god I can’t wait for their first kiss) 🥰

  10. How can he say he doesn’t have feelings for her then proceeds to tell her to get safely home? Those words might not be a big deal to him but it does to the girl who never stopped liking him in the first place.

  11. The best scene in 14 ep was one when he realise that she is the one😍😍
    He is grateful to
    Best luck of his life
    Scariest moment when he hurt her.
    In the last he is in love 😍😍


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