Modern Warfare WARZONE Live Gameplay! (New Call of Duty Battle Royale)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD MW) Warzone battle royale multiplayer gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

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  1. YOUR FIRENDS ANNOYING Man every five secs i hear about his stupid chair or being retarted when it comes to actually helping you

  2. Tank top. It is named after tank suits, one-piece showering outfits of the 1920s worn in tanks (as in water) or swimming pools.

  3. Corona is a autoimmune disease therefore the younger you are the higher metabolism rate you have therefore the immune system can kill the virus quicker than an elderly who is slowly dying and is a boomer

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  5. I'm about to be stuck at home for 3 weeks over this corona virus crap. Make this a 4 or 5 man squads for crying out loud

  6. Dope video, I left a like!
    Any smaller Gaming YouTubers watching this please leave a comment under here so I can check you guys out and subscribe!!
    I'm trying to find some new, different content.
    Thank you guys!!

  7. M13 and ax-50 best class setup
    Early game swap the sniper for a stinger and take out every helicopter (easy kills)
    Also cars and people on buildings it’s a super easy counter. Finally a tip for you. Use the recon drone and strap c4 to it. Fly down on ur enemy and tell ur teammate when to detonate. Gonna dominate some games today once I upgrade to 16gb ram. Been playing on 8 so far.

  8. you can always get shot from the start, at other BR it's luck, but here it feels like you shooting always something,…… walks around for minutes nothing happens except of looting.

  9. WOW this sounds awesome live! feeling the energy – amazing atmosphere 😀 The visuals are fantastic and awesome work on the production! Keep up the amzing, excited to see more 😀


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