Miami mayor who tested positive for coronavirus speaks on quarantine experience

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  • Dnaielle Oblaz selective diagnostics? so when its at the Mexican border why wasn't the cdc summoned to diagnose those at the border? those with drooly nose slobbering and hacking up sphelm and dieng on the detention center floors?🤔 so that wasn't such a big deal for that 16 year old to die on camera once he got across, that was just a what? what would that be considered? why wasn't that a reason to jump into your BIOGEAR AND START TESTING MIGRANTS? a virus that deadly to kill a 16 year old boy wasn't deadly enough at that moment? the virus wasn't IMPORTANT enough then?🤭

  • It all depends on what type of shape you keep your body. He looks like someone very slim and in top conditions prior to this.

  • They aint testing… They lying..!!? Call the hospital.. Say u have cough and low grade fever.. They tell u self quarantine DONT CIME HERE unless u cant manage. So the confirmed cases are bullshit

  • I hope people understand why public officials gets prioritized for being tested for corona. They have the responsiblity to lead their citizen and make sure order is in place in times like this. Just saying.

  • That is a lie….ppl dont have to congregate to be tested…..send the test out like you send the census….i am sure saliva….sputum can show it being upper respiratory.Right now all yall are doing is talking….showing true colors.

  • They blowing this way OUT OF PROPORTION TO INSTILL FEAR AND PANIC .THE REAL AGENDA IS TO CRASH THE MONEY SYSTEM.BUT THEY NEED THE MASSES SUPPORT.IF THEY ARBITRARILY SHUT BANKS THE MASSES WOULD BURRN BANKS AND COURTHOUSES DOWN BY END OF WEEK SO THEY use this virus, publicize the crap out of it so the masses are freaked they announce ( its COMING) " Cash money is SPREADING THE VIRUS" AND VOILA!! the blind masses will jump onboard the get rid of money plan.😢thus u all enter the final police satanic STATE AS DESCRIBED IN REVELATION 3:16&17!! But GODS CALLING !! REVELATION 18 :4&5 CHOOSE GOD AND GET RAPTURED!! CHOOSE TODAY!!

  • Alibaba Jack Ma has donated 500,000 test papers for USA. Hope it could help the normal people who really need it but not the VIPs. God bless American people. Greeting from China

  • Wow. He said he has mild symptoms and he's tested positive. Our stupid president didn't want to get tested.

  • 🤦 he's infected for only 2 days found out immediately and is surprised he feels well? that's because he hasn't gotten the symptoms yet sometimes they don't even come on for 14 days the average is still like 5 or 6 days. He really should not be downplaying it until he actually gets into it further. don't forget the 36 year-old woman from Nebraska was perfectly fine with a very mild symptoms for the first seven days. Then she suddenly became extremely ill and had to be hospitalized and put on a ventilator. She's not older and she does not have any high-risk issues. This thing is unpredictable. Some people it affects more than others even if you're young and healthy you could be affected badly. I hope he does just have a mild case and as well I hope that that's the case for everyone though I know it won't be. but regardless of how minor it might be for some people we need to be very cautious because of the people it won't be mild for. treat it like it's deadly so that you don't get it and spread it to those who it will be deadly for. treat it like it's deadly because if you do end up needing to go to the hospital at the same time another thousand people to your going to be in trouble. Look at Italy…

  • Mickey has Covid-19 Minne is clear, Goofy was put down. And if you think this is a tasteless joke…So is keeping Disneyland open And letting them decide themselfs to slowly close thier own doors

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