Manchester United win the Europa League or finish top 4: Which is more likely? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop and Dan Thomas look through the bookies’ odds on which team will lift this year’s Europa League trophy, where Manchester United sit atop as the favourites ahead of Inter Milan. Hislop makes the case why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side have a better chance of finishing the Premier League season in the top four than winning Europe silverware.

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  1. Shaka Hislop still embarrassing himself with sentimental rather than substantial arguments 🤣😂👀. No wonder premier league don't host him anymore

  2. I can't wait to celebrate Man'u lifting Europa League Trophy and seeing it triumphantly qualifying for UCL

  3. We will win the Europa league this season and qualify for champions league and win it next year this was my prediction last year which is working now.😊

  4. Neither if all the pussys in charge of football decide to cancel it because of some virus that is basically like the flu and only seriously harming people with life illnesses or the elderly with poor immune systems. Honestly can’t believe how much the media have scared everyone over this virus it’s ridiculous.

  5. Let’s hope we can win the trophy again. There still a couple of decent teams left in so let’s not count our chickens before they hatch

  6. To be honest I can see United securing top four and winning Europa league provided they do continue to play after the postponements given the current pandemic.

  7. i think man top 4 is better than winning europa and qualifying yes we want to win europa but we want to secure the champions league spot the right way

  8. Assuming football isn't closed down because of CoronaVirus, I expect Wolves to finish both competitions ahead of Utd because they are a better team.

  9. This man u team their journey will end up when they meet wolves/inter milan.I don't see them beating any of these two team.

  10. This is funny, they quote bookie odds for winning Europa league but not for finishing Top 4. Quick check on any site would tell you Top 4 qualification odds are much lower.

  11. People need to chill…I want Man utd to win as much as anyone but there are still good teams left in the competition…inter wolves Sevilla Bayer are all strong teams and we are one bruno Fernandes injury away from being average

  12. He just cannot stand any praise for United. Well I think and I hope Ole priotises Europa League more than EPL or prioritises both. I want United to play the Super Cup next season and win it.

  13. What a difference signing one top player can make, Bruno makes all the difference. I wont get carried away but I hope the glory days are back

  14. If United get pogba and rashford back,…and they keep improving , as they have been of late,….United have a good a chance as anyone


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