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Netflix Kingdom2 Some will fall. Some will rise. Blood will spill. A bloody war between the living and the dead that no one can escape! The fate of Joseon hangs …



  1. hello~ I'm a Korean.

    please let me tell you about Kat(Korean traditional hat) if you have interest about it.

    in Choseon Dynasty,

    people had to put on the hat to show their good manner to the other one.

    and there are many kind of hat according to their position and their situation.

    '갓(Kat)' is the most general and plain hat to Choseon people.

    usually people has to put on the Black 갓(Kat) when they go outsides.

    and when their parents or the king dies, they had to put on White 갓(Kat) during about 3 years to mourn their parents or the king.

    and according to their position, 양반(upper class) put on more wider and big 갓(Kat) than middle class.(lower class and women can't put on the "갓(Kat)" because of their lower position) and they had another kind of hat which is named "정자관“ when they were at home. solder had their own hat.

    and when the upper class go to Palace to meet the king or to do politics.

    they had to put on the hat named "관모(Kanmo)“ shaped like a little round mountain.^^(and it has little wings both of right and left)

    (It hard for me to explain the shape of "관모" in English. sorry about that)

    * I think I'm so poor at English. I wonder if you can understand what I say to you. please tell me my broken English.

    thanks for your reading.

  2. I just finished this season this morning and it was absolutely outstanding, not to mention the absolute relevance and poignancy to the world’s currently handling of the corona virus😔

  3. I just want to say, Queen Cho can rot in Hell. What a tremendously awesome villain, just makes you want to see her get thrown off the tallest cliff imaginable. What a dickhole she was!

  4. i just finished kingdom 2…watched all episodes last night 😂😅👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. Hey guys! I just wanna ask something. Is the series really English-Dubbed on Netflix? Coz in my case, yes. I hope someone answers me. Thanks. Stay safe.

  6. WE NEED SEASON 3 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Can't wait to see jun jihyun. don't make us wait until one year like season 2.

  7. I HATED the "Young Queen" since season 1! I wish she didn't go zombie and the Prince heir could've rightouesly killed her scandalous arse!

  8. Can honestly say season 1 ep 3 is the best 20 mins of any zombie movie or TV show I have ever seen. Whole show is just incredible. What walking dead finale should have been

  9. Just when I was about to give up on Netflix, they presented us with an even better season of this show. And all was forgiven..

  10. I tried to like it because my fave vlogger recommended it but I felt like some parts are too silly… Finished season 1 dont know if ill watch season 2 tho..

  11. I hope they make season 3 10 episodes long! It's so brilliantly written, filmed and acted. Kingdom should easily be the top show on Netflix!! I finished both seasons 1 & 2 in 2 days. Now I'm suffering waiting for news of season 3 😩


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