Kim Jong-un’s Heart, Kenya’s Hennessy Fix & Germany’s Blood Tests | The Daily Social Distancing Show


Kim Jong-un undergoes a secret heart surgery, a Kenya governor tries to combat the coronavirus with Hennessy, and German police go door-to-door in search of antibodies. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  1. 🚨*What’s the difference between the Kenyan governors theory vs Trumps drink bleach theory*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Trevor: "And I mean, this is truly next-level…this is like a cool idea and it's amazing that they can do it, but, but you…I mean, you gotta assume it's gonna make a few people uncomfortable"

    German police: "Knock, knock! This is the German police, asking you to open the door- but in, like, a cool, chilled out way- you know…not, not like other ways that we've asked people to open…I mean…I wasn't even around…"

  3. In fact the blood testing in Germany was started at 30th of March in the city of Gangelt, county of Heinsberg, the county that had the most cases at the beginning of the pandemic in early March. It was conducted by Bonn Universitiy. They randomly picked 600 households (to get a representative result) and asked for assistance. (by sending a letter explaining all this) 400 agreed (with a total of 1000 + individuals) to participate, fill in questionnaires and later were visited by medical experts (not by the police) who took the blood probes. These probes were both tested for coronavirus DNA (to detect a current but symptomless infection) and respective antibodies. (to detect people who recovered from an infection and hopefully are immune now) The preliminary findings (509 individuals) published the 9th of April were: 14 % immune and 2 % currently infected. Infections mostly occurred during carnival celebrations which included dancing and the like. (not in supermarkets or restaurants)

    And now, Trevor, a personal word: The way you depict Germany as a police state may serve your american audience´s expactations about a good old Nazi- joke and fuel the fake news and misconceptions about the pandemic as propagated by the trump supporters, but it also makes you a racist from my, german, perspective. Your father should smack your head for that.

  4. I live in Germany and I actually haven't heard of this. I would like to read more about this. Where did you get this information?

    And: thanks for keeping it up 💚

  5. Kim jong-uns has heart problems? About time… i mean… he's not exactly on the very fit side of the health spectrum and that's saying something considering how much money he can use with his "supreme" power.

  6. Is Trevor, and americans for that matter, actually capable of making jokes about germans without mentioning the Nazis?

  7. "He looks like a Transformer the got stuck" LMFAO! I was laughing so hard HAHA! Can u just imagine in the next Transformer movie and Optimus Prime locked up and got stuck in the middle of Transforming! And then asking for a little help here! Megatron looks at him and starts laughing; oh and they still can't fix Bumblebees voice so he still uses XM satellite radio to laugh at Prime.

  8. You just said "Dont Drink Purell"
    Yesterday Trump suggested directing UV rays into the body and injecting antiseptics into the body

    These jokes write themselves!!!

  9. I think people understood him( Mike sonko) wrong what he meant is you can use it(alcohol) to sanitize yourself, sanitizer costs a lot of money in Kenya and might be fake. Ofcourse he ain’t dumb putting that in their people will drink yes but only those who understood him will do the right thing. 🇰🇪

  10. German doing a random test is not surprising, the US not doing random testing is more surprising to me. 

    I'm in Thailand and they are doing a random test at a pharmacy, three people tested positive in one day, bring the total of new cases to 13 in one day. Tests like this make it a bit easier to keep people in lockdown knowing that it's too soon to go back out.


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