COVID-19: Community groups in Singapore race to help foreign workers


Community groups in Singapore are scrambling to help foreign workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus is on those living outside the dormitories, who may find it harder to get food and medical assistance. More and more foreign workers are facing strict isolation measures, due to a surge in cases among their community.

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  1. the point is CLEANLINESS and AWARENESS. these people shouldve known how to anticipate this incident to be happened. they shoulve maintained their cleanliness better than usual, change their habits to the better ones, live the more hygienic life, do not go outside to meet their friends such as gathering in a crowded place like Little India, stop meeting their gfriend. but yeahh… whats done is done. no one to blame. just.. too late. regret always comes too late 🤷‍♀️

  2. This CNA always report something good about Korea but forgot that other Asian countries such as Vietnam that is doing the most effective means that is why Vietnam now is flattening its cases fast.

  3. 0:52 Who's teaching them English?! There is only one alphabet with twenty six letters. If we're going to do something for their benefit, please do it correctly.

  4. We are wasting our time. Easier spoken than done. This is a crash culture shock for both parties. A duel that has to happen with our Singaporean’s aptitude towards foreign workers. We will be lost without them. Singaporean’ deserve this. Now LEARN!!

  5. No word to say THANK YOU SINGAPORE GOVT.
    Take care for us🙏🙏🙏
    WE are pray every one be safe and covid 19 over soon.

  6. Initially many of us have confidence with our government in handling covid 19 but now…….hope the confidence still have with the dormitory keep increasing. What happened to dormitory…..Don’t alway ask us to do our part but the government should also work hard.

  7. Logistics is Singapore’s strong point
    It’s just a matter of time. Very glad to see people stepping up positively
    Without politicising this for their own agendas.

  8. Must be tough on some FW in their room with no access to FM or GF for 30 days now 60days. How can they stay sane with all that youthful tension.

  9. May god bless our foreign workers to overcome this virus and reunited with their family
    Bless Singapore 🇸🇬, and the world 🌎 to be united and fight against this virus 🦠
    Thank you for the support of our Singapore volunteers

  10. The FWs received their salaries!
    The business owners make money by using their labour!
    MOM made billions and billions from the FW Levy!
    The Dorm Operators also made tons of money!
    But ordinary working Singaporeans paid for ALL THESE when we bought our food, drinks and other things!

    FULL responsibility lie with the government, MOM, the Business Owners and Dorm Operators!
    So please don't try to pass the buck by distraction or diversion!

    But of course many of us Singaporeans really pity these FWs!
    Like those thousands of Singaporean volunteers!


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