Coronavirus outbreak: WHO says "Europe is now epicentre of pandemic" | FULL

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday that Europe had now become the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, with more daily cases being reported than at the height of the outbreak in China, where the virus first began. He added that more than 123,000 cases had been reported, with 5,000 deaths.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said that the timing of when the COVID-19 virus would peak globally was not easy to predict, however the trajectory of the coronavirus in each country would depend on how they respond and how they react to their first cases. She also said that the timing of the virus peaking in countries dealing with independent clusters would depend on how they look for the chains of transmission within the clusters.

Tedros also announced anyone could now donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, saying they were originally relying on governmental donations, but now the general public can also contribute. He said this would help with co-ordination to combat the virus, purchase more medical equipment, and invest in research and development.

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  • Let’s all repost: I only have one question for WHO… how much money did you receive from Chinese government?

  • Isnt it possible that we inject weakened corona in a newborn child and when his immune system release antibodies and memory cells for destroying it. when it is destroyed then we can use these memory cells and antibodies as a vaccine for treatment of corona

  • Hey, the WHO doesn't have the right to stop the planes do you actually think the UN is above any country's sovereign?? The uneducated level of youtube, Instagram and Twitter are making me sick. Go check quora, ok guys? No matter u are with or not with the WHO. That is the real people with sanity think about the situation all over the world. The comments are making me feel sicker than the virus situation currently in LA. A totalitarian government definitely serves this situation better than a democratic country aka nazi Germany at WWII. China is treating this situation as a war. I am a college student at Caltech, planing for enlisting in the US navy, born in Shanghai. My aunt is an Infectious disease doctor in Shanghai currently fighting against this situation in Wuhan under the CCP strongly recommendation. I can't stand letting you guys doing nothing other than bullshitting about how the Chinese people are responsible for this. When the Spanish flu came along did anyone blames the American government and our military? When the Ebola came along did anyone blames the Africans in general? Empathy guys show respect to those fighting for this situation. May God bless the world with his grace. May the fallen find glory in thy name.

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  • This guy should resign and his bank account should be checked.. If he does his job when virus started in China, it won’t spread like this. But he told everyone that Chinese gov is doing great job. . Hahahaha WHO stands for Wuhan Health Organization. Hahaha

  • Westerners used to called all Asean walk by a Corona Virus. They really show their true colors narrrow minded and low infomation
    educated, eventhough it originate from China. Now all asean dont want to get close to Westerner people due to their low sanitary way of life.

  • These fools need to be gone.. Wait until this is over.. Then the heads will roll….. For everyone who dies from this Chinese biological weapon… Heads will roll… May the Lord God protect us all from this evil that's been released upon mankind.

  • God damit the US governement needs to stop this apocalyptic panic, seasonal flu kills people with exact same complications at a biblic proportion and life goes-on as usual but with covid- 19 its armagedon, thanks to useless WHO and CDC who created this mess!!!!!!!!!

  • OHH, WHOs job is to report the obvious. All this time we thought it was to protect the world. They’re just really slow and incompetent form of media.

  • Bless all the health workers everywhere… "O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily, Thy protection over all things is unfailing." ~ Baha'i Faith

  • God of Israel, may you forgive us our sins. In this time of worldwide crisis, help us to realize our sins, complacencies and insensitiveness to the poor. I beseech thee in tears, to heal our land from this virus. Not for the reason that we may continue sinning but, to be a repentant and changed person. I bow my knees and beg thee in the name of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • China is probably making them say “Its all good in China but Europe oh man. And you racist Americans let us in!”

  • WHO are sold to the communists. Chinese communist regime and the bribed WHO are now launching propaganda with hidden truth to lead the media and focus to European countries. Chinese communist want to leverage the current world situation to escape from their responsibilities. WHO is helping the communist to lie to the world. There is no effective medication found so far, but the communist declared victory already. China become another N. Korea, so beware that it is now under the new dictator Xi, which cast new communist campaign 2.0 and stretch the claws to the world through its state owned companies and proxy organizations.

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