Atalanta’s Tactics Under Gian Piero Gasperini


Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta have been one of the most exciting sides in Europe this season. Gasperin’s side are in place to play in the quarter-finals of the …



  1. Theu and Leipzig are very interesting this season. But we've seen thos movie before haven't we ? The squads will be scattered next season including their coaches

  2. Teams like Lazio n Atalanta are making serie A interesting , it had been dull for a while ..especially since Milan lost their mojo.

  3. La Dea La Dea La Dea!! I have won thousands on the PTS in Atalanta games over the past 18 months they are incredible. In just a few of their results it paid for an expensive molar dental implant and then some!! Aggressive coach + aggressive hungry players = great punting!! Forget the low scores just wager on the freaky scores and they are due for a 4-2.

  4. Also Zapata -prior to his 3-4 month injury recently – was THE central scorer last season not Ilicic. Zapata though lacking high speed, is very strong and has good ball control skills in the box which often leads to goals. The team attack East-West as much as North-South when around the net because the wing backs and defenders are athletic and fit enough to run up and shoot/head then sprint back on any resulting counter.

  5. Correction Brad. Atalanta BC have been absolutely pulsating for the past two seasons. They are a powerhouse squad wherein 5-6 players can score at any time from any field position.

  6. Dave. No football for a while… can you please make an updated ole’s United? E.g. the impact of Bruno and how we are dominating lower teams?

  7. Great video Dave, as bergamasco and Atalanta born supporter I have to say you have done a pretty much accurate picture of our team.

  8. Joshua Onovo

    1 second ago

    I've been really impressed by their goal-scoring exploits as a team both in the league competitions and in the Ucl and it's good to finally watch an in-depth analysis of the team. You're doing a great job Statman Dave.


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